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Why everyone wants a Swim Spa...

Updated: Mar 6

In our super showroom at Kingston Park we have two TidalFit Swim Spas on display. We have The Monsoon and the magnificent EP-14. Swim Spas are fast becoming the in-demand item for gardens across the UK. At North Spas, we have had a 70% increase in the sales of Swim Spas in 2017. So, what exactly can you do in a Swim Spa?

  1. Swimming

Front crawl, back crawl, butterfly and breaststroke! You can do them all in your very own TidalFit. All of our TidalFit Swim Spas have huge jets which stream a current of water towards you so you can swim against the resistance. The power of the jets can be adjusted to suit all swim abilities from people using swimming as a rehabilitation exercise to professional swimmers.

 2. Rowing

The TidalFit Swim Spa is used for much more than just swimming. To the back of the swim spa it can be fitted with attachments for rowing bars to work the shoulders, arms and core. The rowing bars can be adjusted to create greater resistance as you build up your strength.

3. Stretching

 The 18” stainless steel grab rails can be used for pre-workout stretches before rowing or swimming - no one likes sore muscles the morning after!

4. Massage

After an intense workout sink into the hydrotherapy seats and let the patented helix jets melt away the tension in your muscles. The hydrotherapy seats offer an immense after workout massage.

5. Running

The Swim jets to the front of the spa create an adjustable resistance which isn’t just limited to swimming; you can walk or run against the resistance too.

6. Entertaining

Whether you are entertaining the kids or a pool full of people you can heat the water to tropical temperatures for everyone to enjoy. The kids can float and splash around whilst the adults receive a hydrotherapy massage from the various powerful jets.

7. Rehabilitation

Exercising in water can be fundamental in rehabilitating injured muscles. The buoyancy the water creates makes light exercises much easier and enjoyable. The grab rails around the pool offer more stability when exercising.


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