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Can you really test the hot tubs before buying?!?!

We know the words 'wet test' sound very odd, but it's common practice in the hot tub industry for customers to 'test drive' a few hot tubs before buying. Potential customers call into our showroom after opening hours by appointment and take a dip in our american manufactured hot tubs bubbling away at 40 degrees! In peak season, we have had up to five wet tests booked in one week - that's how popular this service is.

A wet test is essential if you're torn between different models as they might vary in power, jets and seating style. The only way you will know which model suits you best is by actually taking a dip.

If you want to know a trade secret...even the staff have regular wet tests! Whenever a new model, or new feature is introduced, we are the first ones to jump in. This wet test is what gives us the confidence and knowledge to tell showroom visitors all about our vast range of spas.

We even offer this service on our Swim Spas too - a wet test is highly recommended if you're thinking about purchasing one of our TidalFit models. Swim Spas can vary hugely in power, size and features and the model that suits you best all depends on your swimming ability and swim style.

To conclude, it's definitely not weird, no one will look at you strange if you ask to try the models out and it is 100% recommended. After-all, you would never buy a car without a test drive, so why buy a hot tub or swim spa?


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